Cooking With Cannabis

by Dr. Girivar Singhal

How to use cannabis successfully in any recipe that requires butter, fats or oils. So you can add cannabis to any food that contains animal or vegetable fats, such as cakes, biscuits, stews or drinks such as milkshakes, drinking chocolate or yoghourts. You can use cannabis in your main course dinners, side dishes, lunch, breakfast, soups, salads, desserts, snacks, bread and drink recipes

Important points to remember when cooking with cannabis are that you need to ensure an even spread of cannabis throughout the chosen dish and that the meal or item produced should not be too heavy. If you have a full stomach then the cannabis constituents will take longer to enter the bloodstream.

The basic principal in cooking with cannabis is to first extract the THC into a fat, for example butter or an oil. You do this by grinding up the cannabis into a fine powder and then adding it to a small amount of hot oil and allowing it to dissolve, then you add the oil/cannabis mix to the food you’re preparing.

Dr. Girivar Singhal for The Marijuana Company