Marijuana Seed Oil

by Dr. Girivar Singhal

Marijuana seed oil can be made using the same cold pressed process to create hemp seed oil. You could use either marijuana or hemp to get your oil. Hemp seed oil could be the highest source of easily digestible essential fatty acids in the plant kingdom. Marijuana seed oil has a nutty flavor, the darker the oil the flavor gets earthier. Marijuana seed oil is of high nutritional value because its 3:1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 essential fatty acids, matching the balance required by our human body. Marijuana seed oil won’t have THC but it will have essential natural occurring healthy nutrients.                                                                  An old fashion way to incorporate your cannabis into your food is through dried and ground up marijuana acting as an herb. You can sprinkle this weed herb on pizza, pasta, and inside loaves of bread. It can be seen as health food, try some on your salads, the oils in the dressings will help extract the THC resin for consumption.

Dr. Girivar Singhal for The Marijuana Company